Angelus Vol2 : The Last
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Post  Nihuhu Mon 2 Aug - 2:34

Koys wrote:Hi everybody ! I'm Koys Nihuhu you don't know me probably so i have nothing to say...No seriously :
I'm Moroccan Vietnamese, but i live in France i would have liked to live in vancouver Paris (but actually i already live there) : '(, started editing in May 2007 and i'm a member of Soul's team nothing.That's all i think...
Kain-x-Spirits wrote:Nya,
I'm kain-x-spirits Nihuhu. I think everybody know me here xD
I'm french, and i started editing in 2007. I'm also an (in)active member of the famous AuN studios nothing. I also createdI'm part of the Strikers(koys,nihuhu kain, and chiiisus), a kind a mep group, but in fact it's more like a friends groups.
My favorites animes are Code geass, and mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha, and in general i like all the magical girl series.

If you want to see my vids kain's MEP :
Heavy wrote:Yo ! Nice to meet or see you again...
AisakaVirus wrote:Hello I'm AisakaVirus Nihuhu, you can call me Elly Jeremy. I'm from the west coast center of the world X3 and i've been editing since 20087 (I think...) XD
my favorite anime would be lucky star suzumiya! :3

Oh and I'm usually playing field hockey wasting my time or editing ;3
Chiiisus wrote:Kaipi made me do this ;_;

Haiiooo thur :3 I'm Chiiisus but most people call me Susan or Susie. :3 I'm from Northern Ireland and I've been editing for a while I guessims. :3 I'm in Re-Evo and also Strikers. <3

I seriously don't know what to write here I'm actually just staring at my screen. OH. I could weird you out I guess... or I could just ramble... like I'm doing now because strangely I feel the need to type what I'm saying in my head. ANYWAY....

My favourite animes would have to be Kobato, (SQUIDGE) CCS, MSLN, Angel Beats, K-ON and so on. Anything cute or fun... or action stuff too I like. :3
Code Geass can go burn in hell disgusting table abusing anime :3

The rules of 'Chiii' according to Susie:

- Chiiisus has 3 i's making the name look more normal :3
- I Chiii a lot depending on my mood, the more i's used the happier/angrier/sadder/more confused I am.
- It's mostly used for confusion or when I'm sad. ;_;
- The emote following the Chiii basically tells you what mood I'm in. For example:

- Chiiiiiiii? o-o o.o o_o < confused Chiii
- Chiiiii D:! < The kind of sad why so evil Chiiii
- Chiiiiiiiii ;__; < Sad Chiiii ;_:

If I haven't weirded you out completely then yay : D I like colours... and I like bunnies too *o* I just wanna squidge them!

Lool D:
I like bricks... and shovels... for hitting and throwing : D Friendly gestures? I think so xD

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Post  Koys Mon 2 Aug - 12:19

Kill him
Hey ! 10080211210459618

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Post  Heavy Mon 2 Aug - 15:05


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Post  Kain-x-Spirits Mon 2 Aug - 16:07

Nihuhu wrote:Copain!

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Post  Chiiisus Tue 3 Aug - 1:27

waaaasss thereee a neeed to show all of mine scored out? ;__;
p.s Lazy.

Haii Evil facesu!

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