Hey guys! New on the boat ;)

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Hey guys! New on the boat ;)

Post  ZetZu on Tue 28 Sep - 23:36

Hello there, greetings from Sweden!
So. This year I'm actually going to finish the track I've been asigned - probably, most likely... lol

For you who don't know, I'm Magnus/ZetZu. I'm Sixteen years old and study Film and Visual-Design.
I'm a member of AuN Studios, and have been making amv's since 2005-6.

Favorite anime would be "Bokura ga ita", followed by a bunch of other Romance/Drama stuffs...

You can find my AMV's at:

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Re: Hey guys! New on the boat ;)

Post  Kain-x-Spirits on Tue 28 Sep - 23:41

Plop ! Surprised


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